Melbourne-born, London-based singer-songwriter Andy McGarvie plays the guitar and sings songs - mostly reflecting in his own way on the things that affect everyone, occasionally about the things that are more unique. A guitarist’s guitarist; a troubadour for the ages; a commentator on the state of the world and a relayer of heartfelt truths. Andy will have you one minute contemplating your past love and and your future decisions, and the next dancing along, footloose and fancy free. 

A past shortlisted finalist for the Vanda and Young Songwriting Award and Melbourne Blues Music Awards, Andy has garnered critical acclaim for his live performances. He has released an album, Not Soon Enough (2016) as well as more recently two newly released EPs of old recordings (Any Joy EP and The Blues Will Get Me Through). Andy has a new record slated for release in mid-2020. The first single of this record was released in early March entitled ‘Going About This’. 

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